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Who is Gregg Davis?

I'm a skateboarder and snowboarder, and a coach and instructor. I'm a computer and technology geek, an entrepreneur and a photography enthusiast.

I work winters on my snowboard riding powder and halfpipe, make websites and mobile apps, and skateboard a lot in the summer. I live at 10,000 feet near the Continental Divide in Fairplay, Colorado, and work winters right over the pass at Breckenridge.

What about your website company?

I create easy-to-use websites on the WordPress platform for all kinds of people and businesses. From portfolio sites for artists and athletes, list-building and content publishing sites, to ecommerce and product sites, I can create a great site for almost any purpose. I'm also creating a course on on building your own WordPress website business.

Mobile Apps for Publishing?

The world of the internet, and all its users, are moving to iPhones, iPads, and mobile devices. I teach people how to publish digital magazines, content delivery apps, and create a niche business by easily making iOS Apps!

What about your Photography?

I enjoy taking photos with my iPhone6 Plus and a Canon 60d, and I love experimenting with technologically advanced photography, processing and display. Spherical Panoramas, High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing, long exposures, time-lapse video, macro, and other awesome and available technological advancements make my photography super-fun.

I publish my images on Instagram,, and coming soon, Refract Photography Magazine for iOS and

Here are Some of the Things I Do

Website Design
I use the excellent WordPress platform, which is so customizable and scalable, it can work for any purpose. Plus, it gives you an easy interface to make changes and add new stuff.
Refract Photography
Coming Soon! A digital magazine, showing and teaching technologically advanced photography, processing and display techniques, and reviewing mobile photography apps and accessories.
Mobile App Niche Content Publishing
I'm creating a course on how to set up a niche publishing business on iPhone, iPad, and WordPress. After starting a mobile app content publishing outlet that raised tens of thousands of app users, paying subscribers and a large email list, I can show you how to do it too, without programming.

Get a free PDF Mindmap with all the details necessary to publish your own Apple Newsstand Magazine App or Mobile Content App, with no programming!

Privacy Respected and Guaranteed

Instagram – @instagreggdavis

Course Coming Soon

Mobile App Niche Content Publishing

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